MORAN TUGS-1 4X6 WM 20201008.png
Moran Tugboats, Norfolk, VA, 2020

About Polaris Aerial Media

Polaris Aerial Media was founded in 2018 by Rick Charles is was born with a love for aviation and photography.  Growing up in New York City, Rick was immersed in an environment of big newsworthy events and places.  He was fascinated with the breaking news stories that appeared from locations throughout the city as well the news helicopters that covered the stories from above the city.


Contemporary UAS technology delivers amazing imagery and when coupled with state-of-the-art IP video streaming capabilities, Polaris Aerial Media can bring this technologies in a single, reliable system to our provide clients with an exciting perspective...from the air!

Polaris Aerial Media has been fully certified by the FAA as a Remote Pilot since 2017. We have completed the 2021 recurrent FAA UAS training allowing us to fly at night and over people.  We are insured to $1 Million and have a 100% safety record.  We can fly anywhere in the United States where it is legal to do so. 

WABCTV B407 NOWM 20210417.jpg
Photo by Rick Charles @ KLDJ, 2019
Photo by AirShack @ KLAS, 2018

Why Polaris?

"Polaris", or the "North Star", is a key celestial navigational reference for aviators and mariners, alike.  With its focus on aviation and aerial imagery, Polaris Aerial Media's services strives to provide wisdom, insight, and clarity to real-time events in order to help partners navigate through challenging situations or to just capture the moment and its essential qualities.